Abortion: A Split Issue

Abortion: A Split Issue

Abortion is one the biggest issues in the United States today. The opinion of the nation is

split in two, half believing that the right to abort your own child is murder, and the other half

believe it to be justified and sometimes even saving the persons life. Both sides are very well

supported which makes it very difficult to find the right answer to this issue.

The side whicgh is supportive of abortions is known as the “Pro-choice” supporters. This

name is given to them becouse they believe that the parent ofthe unborn child has the choice of

their own on what to do. The argument in which this side gives is that sometimes a mother

cannot have a child for several reasons and it is her life to make the choice. Some younger

parents cannot have children for many reasons, some do not lead the lifestyle nor have the

money to support a child; others bodies are not yet eveloped enough to bear the child, in a

situation like this it could cause death to the mother or even the child.

Another reason given by the Pro-Choice groups, is that sometimes woman are pregnant due

to a rape. In this case the child was not intrended by the mother , therefore she does not want

to go through with all the pain becouse she was victimized.In cases such as this the mother does

not want to follow through with it becouse it could lead to sending the child to an orphanage

immediatly after birth which is very wrong.

One of the most understandable reasons is caused by incest within family members.When

incest occures within a family it usually causes birth defects. Problems such as retardation and

down syndrome can occur when the child is born.When a woman is pregnant with a defected

child some people believe sghe hhas a right to abort it instead of riskin its life at birth or defcts

for its life.

The other strong side of the issue is th…

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