Abortion: A Choice or A Consequence

Abortion:A Choice or A Consequence?
Who are we as a civilization, to force our own morals or beliefs onto pregnant women considering abortion?Is it our right to determine what someone can do with his or her own body?Aren't there enough neglected children in this world without parents?I believe the person or persons whom contributed to this sexual act, consensually or otherwise, should be the only ones to decide if they are mentally and physically capable of raising a child.If they find they are not, in the end it will be their decision.
Beginning in the 1960's, erosion of some of the anti-abortion laws began to take place.However, more vocal groups trying to fix excess population growth did not support this.To them compulsory abstinence and birth control, was more palatable then voluntary abortion.Resulting in what was then and to this day legal chaos, which has been the situation with any reference to abortion, since it wasfirst made illegal in this country.Contrary to popular belief, the legal ramifications against abortion are of comparatively recent origin.Until the early nineteenth century, at common law both in England and the United States of America, abortion before quickening was not illegal at all. (Pilpel 1969)
In 1973, the Court said that abortion could be performed stating "in light of all factors (physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age) relevant to the well being of the patient.All these factors may relate to health." (Doe vs. Bolton 70-40)In 1975, the Supreme Court legalized abortion with the ruling in "Roe vs. Wade."Even though, legal abortion has remained a highly controversial issue, to this day it imposes moral implications on American politics, legislation, and religion.
There are many different views and opinions dealing with this extremely debatable topic.Society meddling too much in a person's private life is …

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