America is a democracy. It's known for the "American Dream." What does the "American Dream" consist of? People from around the world would answer that in one way. It's dream where you have the freedom to make your own choices and think how you want to think without fear. Unfortunately that isn't always true. America comes off to be a land of freedom, but at the same time our government controls and scares us. Just take a look around. There's so much hatred and racism. You would think people would finally get an understanding of what is going on around them, but obviously not.Our nation consists of many problems. A few of these issues are very controversial and they cause many horrific problems; such as slayings, hangings, beatings, gangs, drugs, and many other problems. A few of the issues that are very controversial are abortion, same-sex marriage, War in Iraq, terrorism, and capital punishment. But, the most controversial issue in our nation is abortion.
Abortion is human intervention that does not allow a developing child to be born. It is the death of another less developed human being. Anti-abortionists would view this as the thought of feeling safe and the next moment someone is killing you and you can’t get away or cry for help. It is also important for a person to know that those who perform abortions receive special protection from liability, if you are injured. Essentially there are less legal safeguards to protect your health and maybe your life. It;s a serious issue to be considered if a woman is thinking about having abortion because it can be very risky or faulty according to statistics.
Abortion has been practiced in the United States since the founding of our nation, but both its social character and its legal status have varied considerably. We regarded abortion primarily as the recourse of women wronged by other men or pregnant as the result of illicit relationships….

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