Abortion has been a controversial issue since the idea wasfirst introduced.The main issue of the debate is whether a woman's right to choose outweighs the unborn fetus's right to live.The right for a woman to have an abortion is part of a much broader issue: the right for a woman to decide what she can and can not do with her body and not letting someone else, specifically a man, decide for her.In some states, abortion is still not supported fully, being banned after certain stages.Abortion deserves to be available until at least the third trimester, and allowed at any time if the mother's health is at risk.
There are still many that argue that abortion is immoral at all stages.The main argument of"pro-life" supporters, individuals opposed to abortion at all stages, is that the fetus in a woman's womb is a "human being", deserving the same rights as any other person.The idea that there is a human being from the time of conception is wrong.When the sperm and the ovum unite, a cell is created.To claim that this one cell is and should be treated as a human being is absurd."It is as if someone claimed that one brick is already a house and should be treated with the same respect a full house deserves"1.Even if a house has three hundred bricks, it is still not a house.A house needs electricity, plumbing and organization.This is analogous to the way humans need internal organs, biological organization and a brain in order to be considered human.An early embryo may be called a "potential human being"1.The fetus does not have all the attributes of a human being and therefore should not be considered human.
If abortion is viewed as "murder", why isn't miscarriage viewed the same way.An average of many polls indicates about more than half of all embryos die through miscarriage, also called "spontaneous abortion"."…

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