Picture, if you will, a woman, raped by an unknown assailant, discovers she has a child from this twisted individual.Meanwhile, at a doctor's office, a doctor must sadly inform some patients their baby will critically injure the mother upon delivery or the child will require extensive and expensive medical care due to genetic defect.Across the nation, these and others face hardships involving their babies and turn to one glimmer of hope, abortion.Abortion, an easy and safe procedure, encompasses nothing more than dispelling an unwanted or impossible-to-care-for child from the world before they must suffer living in our world. Abortion should be acceptable in this country because it is socially acceptable in other countries, abortion in the true sense of the word is not murder, and all women should have the right to make their own personal choices.
Societies in other countries have accepted abortion within their structure; why can we not as well? Tribes and primitive cultures that put males before females have performed natural, safe abortions using ancient techniques, specifically African Pygmies and the Bushmen of the Kalahari; even Japan, a highly modernized society, contains abortion in its society.Infanticide and abortion have helped to bolster such societies and cultures furthering their might.Like the individual fibers within a beautiful tapestry so too are the individual cultures that make up part of our global picture.Without such "primal" methods, these unique cultures vital to the framework of this great planet would simply vanish.Abortion has attained a social significance and importance in these civilizations.In fact, these societies would deteriorate without the aid of abortion for abortion helps in decreasing population therefore relieving pressure on farming production.With abortions, constraints on foods and supplies would decrease which would conversely increase prosperity

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