Abortion is one of the most debated topics of this century.They have been

performed for years, legally and illegally, all for the sake of one thing… to end

unwanted pregnancy.When does a fetus become a live human being, and what

time does it feel the pain?Many opinions have been expressed from broth sides of

this topic.But, the question at hand is, which side is the one that will win out in

the end. This essay is to prove the injustice of abortion.Abortion is legal currently

in our country but there are many who debate this procedure.The question being

asked by many people is are we people starting to look at abortion as a form of

birth control, instead of killing unwanted pregnancies.

The word itself, abortion, sounds pretty harmless.However, many anti-

abortionists believe that abortion is one the world's most inhumane practices.

Abortion has been legal to all Canadians since 1973, and since that cold date in

our history 30 million women have gone under the knife.Abortion has become

such a common thing in our history that we don't really understand what abortion

is.We all know what the result of it is, which is ending unwanted pregnancy and

the possibility of human life, but not many of us has researched it. There are

many ways of abortion.The type is chosen by how old the fetus is.One method

is called Methotrexade.This takes place between five and nine weeks after

conception.The procedure of this includes: injecting the unborn child with

methotrexate which interferes with cell division.Dilatation Evacuation is

preformed between 13 and 30 weeks after conception.With metal forceps the

doctor removes the unborn child from the mother's womb.To make sure the

corpse is entirely out of the mothers womb the legs and arms and such are

'reassembled".There is a few more ways but Im going …

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