The Catholics hold strict views concerning abortion. They often view it as being a waste of life. By taking the life from an unborn child, you are taking away its chances to live the life that it should. Not only is abortion morally wrong, but also it is against God's commandments. Although different groups often oppose these views, Catholics see abortion as being a waste of life, a mortal sin, a serious crime, and being morally wrong.
Granted, Catholics hold the main view of abortion being a "waste of life". This comes from the fact that the child never gets the chance to live. All of the child's natural rights of being human are totally disregarded at the point when it is killed. The child must suffer from the cause of someone else's mistake. A person only has one chance to live, and this is too often destroyed for unborn babies killed in an abortion.
Moreover, abortion is also a mortal sin the Catholic religion. The commandment reading "Thou shall not kill" is completely disregarded by people who go through an abortion. The doctors who perform abortions also disregard it. By taking the life of the unborn baby, the doctor has committed murder. The woman who is pregnant with the child is also a murderer for having an abortion done. This is a serious matter to have to deal with. It isn't just a small mistake; it's something that cannot be changed once it happens. Since it is mostly the decision of the woman with the child, most of the pressure from making this mistake will be on her, and it is not something that will be forgotten any time soon after.

Abortion should also be considered a serious crime, and in some places it is. Not enough people look at abortion as being a criminal offence, although it is more like that then anything else. The reason for abortion to be called a crime is because a life is taken from a human being. In some places in the world, abortion is consid…

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