In 1973, the supreme court decision known as Roe v. wade, made it possible for woman to get
safe, legal abortions from well-trained medical practitioners and therefore led to dramatic
decreases in pregnancy-related injury and death. Now the policy proposal has been done to
close up abortion clinics. We are against this proposal and we will give you some arguments why
we think abortion clinics in this state should not be closed.
Closing up abortion clinics enables a lot of woman to have an abortion. Having an abortion should
be woman’s own choice. But when there are no providers of abortion around, that choice has
already been made for her. Closing up the clinics will higher the barriers of having an abortion.
But when the barriers are too high, this means that for some woman, the right to make their own
choices in life, is taken away from them. The constitution says we have a right on Privacy, so
taking away a woman’s chance to make decisions over her own body and life, infringes with that
Taking away the provision of abortion will obstruct to access for woman to have an abortion. But
like before 1973, woman will keep attempting and succeed in ending unwanted pregnancies. With
this a lot of woman will risk their health and even their lives. Keeping open local abortion clinics,
increases the chance that woman who choose to have an abortion at least will do this in safe way.
So closing up abortion clinics will not reduce the number of women who seek abortion. Demand
stays the same, but the provision is declined. This means that the waiting lists of abortion clinics in
others states will be much longer. Women will have to wait longer to get an abortion, and will be
treated later in their pregnancy.
A woman who wants to have an abortion will have to travel a long way when there are no
providers around. This will make her abortion even more expensive then it alread…

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