January 22, 1973 is a historical victory in women's rights and the beginning of
one of the largest controversies of the United States. The legalization of abortion by the Supreme Court overturned decades of a woman's right to protect her from unwanted pregnancy.Advocates of the pro-life movement feel as though this judgement allows the murder of innocent human beings for the mother's selfish immoral beliefs. The Pro-life movement also argues that there are many physical and psychological harms that come with abortion.Beliefs of the pro-choice movement are that a woman should have the right to abort a child that is unwanted or comes at a time that the child can’t be taken care of to the best of the parent;s abilities.The pro-choice movement also believes that what a woman does with her body is personal and should not be decided by the government, religious leaders, or people who are not involved in the act.I believe that a woman should have the right to an abortion even if it is not an acceptable practice to many.A woman should have the right to decide when she wants to have a child and she should have options available to her when she becomes pregnant.Although abortion is considered immoral by many in the pro-life movement, I believe like the pro-choice movement that a woman should have the right to decide when she wants to have a child.
Pro-life supporters are against abortion because innocent babies are being killed.Their argument is that at conception there is a human being that has a soul.They also believe that it is unfair to the unborn child to be aborted because the mother feels ;inconvenienced by pregnancy; (Steinnetz 1).Pro-lifers claim that 1.5 million babies are being murdered because of women who have decided to have sex and not want to be responsible for the consequences (Steinnetz 1).Many in the pro-life movement use the Ten Commandments ;Thou shalt not…

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