Abortion is when a pregnancy is aborted ant the foetus is removed from a woman's womb and destroyed. There are different beliefs on abortion these are a few of them. When does a foetus become a human being? Is it at conception? Or is it when vital organs have been produced? Or is it when it can survive without being inside its mother's womb? Also would the child be cared for and loved by the parents? Or did a victim of rape conceive the child. These views should be looked at greatly while making the decision for or against abortion. Also the woman's right to choose should always be taken into consideration and respected.
There are a lot of people who agree with abortion and feel very strongly. These are some of their reasons for doing so.
· They believe that every woman should have their own choice and this should be respected.
· There are many unwanted children and these can cause tension in a family and in some cases even break it up.
· If the woman is expecting a severely handicapped child or if the pregnancy was the result of a rape.
There also a lot of people who completely disagree with abortion and think it is inhumane. These are some of their reasons for doing so.
· Even as a foetus the baby still has rights and these should be respected.
· Even if the baby is seriously handicapped mentally or physically it can still make a huge effect on the society around it.
· A lot of doctors absolutely disagree with abortion, as their job is to save life and make it better not to destroy it.
· There are a lot of people who are desperate to adopt but there are few babies up for adoption.
Different churches have different opinions/views on abortion and these are a few of them and their reasons for doing so.
1. Roman Catholics: -are totally against abortion. Rather than interfere with the process of life Christians must trust that God knows what is…

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