Abortion has been a controversial issue that continues to fire up debates all over the world.It is an issue that will never find a right or wrong answer, yet we find ourselves looking for a solution. Whether pro-life, pro-choice, or pro-abortion, there are many different reason and sides to this issue that must be examined.
First, those who argue for prolife feel that as human beings, we have no right to take life when it was not meant to be taken.This goes along with the issue of “playing God”.People who hold high religious beliefs often argue against abortion because using power that can give or take a life is not what humans were intended to have.Also, the pro-life activist argue that the baby is alive when in the mother’s stomach…it has a beating heart and blinking eyes and a working brain, therefore it is like murder.Something this severe should never be allowed and should be outlawed throughout the world.
On the opposite end, we find those who are pro-abortion. While these people do not like to kill innocent children, they do not see abortion as murder, but they see it as the best scenario for the situation at hand.For many women who want to practice abortion, it is because they are not prepared either emotionally or economically for a child in their life, and they feel that the child would be better off not living, for their life would be far to difficult.THey feel that it is the best alternative, rather than putting an innocent child in such a harsh lifestyle.Secondly, it can be argued that abortion is not murder…the child is not truly “alive”…it has not seen the outside world, it does not have feelings or emotions yet and it has no experience or memories, therefore it is not like killing someone who is alive.They do not see abortion as murder, only an alternative.
Lastly, there are those who believe in pro-choice.This means that it should be the mother’s choice, and the government should not try to…

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