Making the Right Choices About Abortion
In the United States alone 4,400 abortions are made daily; 1,606,000 annually; 45 million babies have been killed by legalized abortions since 1973; 99% of all US abortions are done simply because of convenience (Dominguez, 2001). Lots of numbers? Look deeper into the content because it is more than just numbers, it is a lot of lives.Sexual exploration is common among many adolescents, and at the same time in this era adolescents are adapting to the fact that it is "okay to have sex," until they become pregnant.Pregnancy is the moment where they face the challenge of "growing up".Adolescents are taking on a life changing decision: to have or not to have an abortion.Many females feel that their only way out of the pregnancy is through abortion; yet they do not recognize how important their choice is when deciding on having an abortion and they do not take in to thought what the possible outcomes of this particular method can have. Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, a trial that took place about the legalization of abortion, abortion has become one of the most controversial subjects around.To pro-life activists, abortion is morally wrong and is considered murder; abortions put the health of women at risk and abortions cause negative psychological and emotional damage.
Sure, not all people have the same thoughts on abortion issues; however, to pro-life activists abortion is considered murder and is morally wrong.Murder by definition is the illegal killing with malice aforethought.When generating an abortion one often puts consideration in to the actions they are about to take.Hence, they are thinking about the decision they want to make.On the same note, an electrocardiogram (EKG) can be taken from the baby's heart 18 days after conception; an electroencephalogram (EEG) from a baby's brain can be taken six weeks after conception and after three months a…

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