Abortion is enormously a debatable subject that has been continually argued over the past years and most likely for many years to come. The chief controversy is that if abortion should be legalized? Before we get into my side of the argument, we mustfirst define the term abortion to clarify things. Merriam Webster defines abortion as the "spontaneous or induced termination of pregnancy". It is the destruction of the fetus or unborn child while the child is still in the mother's womb. Abortion can be done by the mother herself or by clinics that were built especially for the purpose of abortion.
I am strongly against abortion for I am pro-life. I totally disagree with the process of taking away a life of an innocent individual just to run away from the huge responsibility vested upon a mother. Should it be legal for victims of rape and incest? Many of us would allow abortion in these situations but for me, I oppose that claim for the reason that I believe that just because someone did a dreadful crime to a woman, that doesn’t mean that the woman should turn around and do another greater sin and that is by killing the baby. Of course, raising a baby or a child is not trouble-free, it requires time, effort, and understanding. I could say that being a parent is a huge task and a great responsibility. So what if the baby was brought about by rape? Most probably, victims of rape would think that the time and effort that they need to raise a child is worthless and as an alternative to the predicament, killing the baby would just be more comfortable. As the way I see it, abortion is so iniquitous to the baby because it does not allow him to live here on earth even though the baby is brought about by rape. To preclude abortion in the case of a rape, a woman could give her child up for adoption rather than kill it. Adoption can also be done in circumstances like when young woman cannot perform her responsibilities as a mothe…

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