I picked the topic of abortion because I think there are a lot of beliefs floating around about the topic and it will help show some of mine also.I believe that abortion can go one way or the other.It is pretty hard for me to pick a belief since I am not a female.I think that abortion is immoral if it is being used as a form of birth control.I also think that it is immoral if they have had an abortion before and just do not give it any consideration.On the other hand I think that it is moral if the person is raped and gets pregnant that way.
First, I am going to talk about if the person is using abortion as a form of birth control.I think that in this form.One of the reasons is that it is taking a defenseless child's life away just because you do not think that you can take care of it or you just do not care.I think that abortion in this form should be illegal and have laws prohibiting it.I also believe that if this can not become a law than it should only be allowed once per woman.My morals would tell me to not kill the innocent child but at least give it a chance to live a life by putting it up for adoption where it will not be murdered.
Next, I am going to express my belief on woman having abortions again and again because they do not feel that they can take care of the baby.Woman and their partners should have to at least have to go to some sort of counseling or have to at least talk to an adoption agency before going through with an abortion if it is legal.I also don't understand who makes these abortions legal and how is it their right to say that it is ok to MURDER another who had no choice to come into the world but was basically forced into life then killed.The child does not know what is going on but it is still murder and should be treated the same way as homicide, with the exact same consequences.I also do not get how the people having the abortion can feel when havi

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