Taking medication that will end a pregnancy brings about a medical abortion.An alternative to medical abortion is surgical abortion.In surgical abortion the uterus or womb is emptied with special instruments.
During medical abortion usually done with out entering the uterus.One of two medications, methotrexate or mifepristone.Before an abortion can be done, a doctor has to approve that she is pregnant.They measure how long the woman has been pregnant by how many days since her last period.Medical abortions can be done as easily as a pregnancy can be confirmed.The less time the woman has been pregnant the better the medication will work.Medical abortion is not an option after seven weeks, or forty-nine days.
Medical abortions can take anywhere from three days to three to four weeks.And at least two clinic visits.These return visits are important since there is no other way of being sure that the abortion is complete.About one in twenty women who try medical abortion have to have a surgical abortion because medical abortion does not work for her.
Legal abortion, carried out by trained medical practitioners, is one of the most common and safest surgical procedures. About one point five million American women choose to have induced abortions each year. Less than one percent of all abortion patients experience a major complication associated with the procedure.
There are two methods of surgical abortion.The more common method of the two is to open the cervix slightly and remove the contents of the uterus.The second method, which is used much less frequently, is to induce labor, so that the fetus and placenta are expelled as in childbirth.There are some techniques for later abortions.Less than one tenth of the abortions done in the U.S. are performed between thirteen and twenty weeks after there last period.Ending the pregnancy is more difficult after 13 weeks because the fetus is larger and there …

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