Abolishing Abortion

I choose to write my bill about abortion. Becausefirst I believe that the killing of an unborn baby is murder. And second I believe that the constitution protects all living things even unborn babies.
Abortion is wrong and killing an unborn child is murder. This is not an issue of an object or a thing it is about human life. Who has the right to say what a human is.No one has the right to take the life of an innocent person. A baby is a separate human being, different from his or her mother. Each child has its own special genetic identity, gender, heartbeat, brain waves, eyes, hands, and feet. An unborn baby's heart begins to beat only eighteen to twenty-five days after it is conceived, and brain activity starts after only forty. Most abortions occur after the fetus exhibits measurable brain waves. Isn't stopping a human's heart from beating murder? Society is moving backward when it lets a baby to be killed. That child could grow up to be a doctor or an astronaut or a president. Murder is the worst of crime of all, because it deprives a person of their potential life. A fetus is capable of life. So it is murder to deprive a fetus of all of its potential life. By not giving them a chance how do we know what they could become? Women have certain rights over their bodies just as men do, but they shouldn't when it affect the rights of others. Abortion directly involves the rights of at least two people, the mother and the unborn child. There is no reason to kill a child none what so ever. Some people might say the world population is one reason that babies should be aborted. But this is not true, every 8 seconds a child is born and someone dies every 11 seconds so the US population only grows at 1% a year. Some mother claims they abort their baby because they can afford or take care of it. This problem can be solved by adoption. What would a mother like to remember more: "I gave my baby

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