A world of intoxification

Michael Martin
Professor D.
Hum. 101
A world of intoxification

Screams pierced the midnight air and students ran wildly about the campus.Police cars whizzed by with their sirens blaring in the night.Glass was being broken and girls were being defiled.Confusion was all around and no one could stop it.This is an average night at any given university in America.The similarities between a horror story and a story about a college party are too many.At an average college party where alcohol is being served there is the possibility of fights, rape, death, destruction, and jail time.The common opinion in America is that all of these things are bad.So why do college students continue to engage in these activities?There are three reasons.First, if students have not been exposed to alcohol or drugs previously, when they get into that kind of environment, they will experiment.Secondly, if everyone else who is important, i.e. fraternities and sororities, does it, then to be important, you must drink.Finally, without parent instilling morals and good judgment into their children, the students do not think that it is wrong to participate in these activities.All in all, the biggest problem on college campuses is the consumption of alcohol and drugs.
If a person was never exposed to the heat of a flame their whole life, and then was thrown into a family barbeque, where they asked this person to cook, how well would they do?They would probably put too much lighter fluid in the grill.Or, they would light the grill while looking at it to see what it did.Or, they would light the grill and then put their hand on it to see what it felt like.All of these things would cause extreme pain to the person who did this.But, would it be their fault?Would it be their fault that they didn't know how combustible lighter fluid was?It wouldn't be their fault if they put t…

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