A Vicious Act of Intolerance against Humanity

A Vicious Act of Intolerance and Terror
On Tuesday, the 11th of September a horrible and hardly explainable act of terror took place in the United States. Casualties are hard to count but approximate numbers show that more human lives have been lost only in World War II. It is unacceptable action by inhumane people or person who completely disrespect and avoid simplest signs of humanity. This act was a shock to every normal person all around the world. Many people till this moment have not accepted the fact that the center of financial actions has been destroyed and an attack on the world’s largest military headquarters has been made.
I was having lunch at a restaurant with my girlfriend when my friend called me from the US, he said “I am in a bus to work and I see two big torches in Manhattan.” Atfirst I thought he is just kidding but he was convincing me that both towers of WTC are in flames. We talked a little longer and on the phone I heard police and ambulance sirens that overtook our dialog every ten seconds I understood that something really has happened. After the phonetalk I asked the bartender to turn on news. I was amazed by what I saw – the Twin Towers were actually in flames and after some time both towers collapsed one after another.
A lot of people ask themselves how could something like this happen at the beginning of twenty- first century when security systems are supposed to be safer than ever before. After latest actions how can a person be sure that one nice day a Boeing 767 will not come flying through his office window? This act of terror appears to be probably the most well planned and executed in the history. I believe that the person and organization that stands behind these terrifying acts shall be caught and punished. I completely support and advise America’s revenge to Osama bin Laden who actually promised to attack US and now it would not be reasonable to suspect anyone else.

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