A Tale of a War Between Two Cities

Government has been an essential part to our world for as long as we have existed.People who disagree with the government have been around for just as long.A Tale of Two Cities, written by Charles Dickens, takes place in England and France during the French Revolution.The novel shows the impact that the revolution had on citizens of England and France.The revolution and government’s effect was shown in characters in the book, such as, the Defarges, the Marquis St. Ev;rmonde, and Sydney Carton.The outcome of A Tale of Two Cities is formed with the help of government and the revolution.The message that A Tale of Two Cities showed throughout the book, was how war and change in government can affect the people.
The wine shop in Paris was the hot spot for French revolutionists, mostly because the wine shop owners, Ernest Defarge, and his wife, Madame Therese Defarge, were leaders and officials of the revolution. Every night, the men of the revolution living in Saint Antoine, met in the wine shop to discuss their plans of the revolution.Throughout the story, Mme. Defarge knits accounts of the meeting, which is similar to a;hit list’.She is a very major character in the story and is very stubborn and unforgiving in her revenge against the Evérmonde family.The story shows the vengeance that the revolutionist, Mme. Defarge, had toward the government, ” 'Well, well, but one must stop somewhere.After all, the question is where? At extermination,’ said madame.” (Dickens,351)Mme. Defarge had such hatred toward the Marquis, and his decedent, Charles Darney, that she would stop at nothing to destroy them, even if it came to the guillotine.Dickens putting Mme. Defarge in the book, may show his displeasure with human nature and the way the revolutionist handled their problems.Although honorable to her family, Mme. Defarge’s scheme against the Evérmonde family may have been too cold and h…

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