A Planet For the Taking

“Problems facing us today are immense and many are direct consequence of science and technology,” David Suzuki tells the world, but are we really at fault? Yes. The growing field of science and technology has given the world many benefits, but many downfalls as well. Some benefits include cures for diseases, and easier living conditions. On the other hand, downfalls include the endangerment of many species and destructions of ecosystems. The field of science and technology has been abused consiously and unconsiously to destroy species, ecosystems, and waterways and if drastic changes aren’t made soon then we will be severly endangering ourselves.
The past few generations of humans have unconsiously been destroying thier environments. Populations drive their cars, smoke their cigarettes, dump huge amounts of garbage in landfills instead of recycling most of it, and pollute the land in so many other ways. Suzuki mentions that the “Great Lakes, which contain 20% of [the] world’s fresh water… is terribly polluted and the populations of fish completly muxedup by human activity,” and even though humans are aware of the fact that they are destroying wildlife and ecosystems by abusing science and technology, they don’t care enough to change their ways. The government is a prime example of abusing our environment with the use of science and technology. Instead of funding and supporting the public transit system, they fund highway and road expansions. If more funding was given to the TTC, then more of the population would be using the TTC and therfore help to cut down on pollution which destroys our surrounding environments. In reality, the government wants to make as much profit as possible and therefore more highways and freeways are built so that more cars can travel on them. The world’s population will always unconsiously pollute the earth, and all because it lets them live their lives a little bit easier.

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