A National Health Care System

1. Of course, those who are uninsured are thefirst to benefit from a national health care system, because they gain access to health care they could not afford before.Many businesses would benefit too, because their health plan costs would reduce, and that means lower costs for many products and services.Many health care facilities would benefit as well, because their paperwork and insurance processing would be reduced to one entity.One study shows, however, that because of free health care in Canada, more people seek treatment, so there are longer waits for treatment, and more people actually suffer from some diseases, which is certainly not a benefit (O’Neill, and O’Neill, 2007).This would certainly be a concern, so one way to make sure everyone benefits from the plan would be to ensure there are enough participating locations and specialists to ensure timely care for everyone.
2.Atfirst, it would seem that a national health care plan would have a very positive effect on most businesses.They could cover their employees in the national health care system as a benefit, and probably at a reduced rate from the insurance premiums they are paying now, which would be a win-win situation for employee and employer.In addition, employers would all deal with one national entity, reducing the time necessary to create a health care business program and maintain it.Health care might end up being more expensive for entrepreneurs, but most successful entrepreneurs carry their own health insurance anyway, so a new system might actually benefit them, as well.
3. Socializing medicine is not an experiment at all.Most other prosperous industrialized nations have had national health care for years; the United States is the only country that does not.I do not believe my lifestyle is “toyed” with regarding national health care, rather I welcome it to help reign in the insurance and pharmaceutical companies who seem to have free r…

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