A nation Under Attack

We are a nation under attack.No, I am not confused.I am not mixing us up with Iraq, which is systematically being attacked by the U.S. government.I mean we, a nation of American citizens who are systematically being attacked by the U.S. government.No bombs have been dropped yet but the soldiers have certainly been put on alert.I'm not sure if this was George W.'s plan all the time or if the light suddenly went on when he was granted the presidency by the Supreme Court, but somewhere along the line he decided the old rules of American government, including the built in checks and balance system of separate branches of government, were no longer needed and he would make up some new ones.
And, boy, has he been busy.Since he took office, George W. has little by little beaten back our assumed, and always before guaranteed, civil rights.He has established what is known as "the Bush Doctrine".It says, in essence:he, the leader of the United States, will be ever vigilant looking for countries that may someday develop into a threat and, pre-emptively, declare war on them.No, he will not need anyone's approval, he assigned himself "sovereign power".To be clear, this is a power given to a monarch or other supreme ruler.Yes, I am still talking about America, land of democracy.I read most of the Bush Doctrine and never did find who gets to keep an eye on us, in case we develop into a threat–because right about now I'd say that country is either loading the missiles or asleep on the job.He has signed into law the Patriot Act, which gives the government the right to arrest without charge and hold indefinitely anyone the government labels a threat.Well, two lines into this editorial I became a threat to the new regime.One of the reasons we broke from England in 1776 was that they were arresting people without charge and holding them indefinitely.At the time we considered …

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