A Government for the People

In 1787, the fathers of our country met at the Philadelphia Convention to ratify the document

that would soon be knownas "The Constitution of the United States of America".This

Constitution was to be the supreme law of the land.Our Constitution was set up in order to form

a more perfect union, and to give the people under its provision certain unalienable rights.

Among the rights granted to the people are: the right to free speech, the right to keep and bear

arms, and the right of the people to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures.Today

I will demonstrate for you how the Constitution has become only a small stumbling block in the

Federal Government's efforts to increase its power through the use of legal precedents.

A prime example of how the government pirouettes around the Constitution is seen in the

case ofChimel versus The Supreme Court of California.On March 27, 1969 several police

officers showed up on the petitioner's (Chimel) doorstep to arrest him on charges of burglary.

Upon answering the doorbell the petitioner was served with an arrest warrant.Shortly after the

arrest, while still at the petitioners house, the officers asked if they could have a "look around".

Thepetitoner knew his rights, and that the officers had no search warrant, so he respectfully

denied their request.This was of no consequence to the officers.They went ahead and

unlawfully searched his three-bedroom house top to bottom, leaving no piece of personal

property unturned.

A few months later the petitioner's case was plead in a California District Court.At the

petitioner's trial the illegally seized items were used against him.He was convicted.Unhappy

with the district court's ruling, he appealed to The California Supreme Court.Upon

consideration, the Supreme Court affirm…

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