A Divorce: What About the Children

Today we face a whole new era concerning the collapse of marriages and families. It is now estimated that one in two marriages will end in divorce. Lately, many consequences are being exposed because of numerous self-centered actions. It is unfortunate that it is not uncommon to hear about it anymore. Especially considering that it causes many problems for countless adolescents and children who are growing up. This epidemic has revolutionized our world in ways that have, regrettably, made people to disregard their responsibilities. This plague that I speak of is divorce. One out of two marriages is expected to end in divorce. Divorce is truly no longer considered as a last resort in America anymore; now it is more like a simple way out of accountability. The sad thing about divorce now, is that it takes an even larger toll on the children than it does on the divorcees. Divorces are overall not healthy to the younger generation.
First off, I feel that divorcing parents shouldfirst understand the consequences that the divorce may have on themselves and their children. The high divorce rates in America indicate that there are many various structural factors are affecting the relationships of many American families. In most family situations there is not one definite reason that leads to divorce. Rather, divorce is a gradual process that ultimately results in families breaking apart. Nowadays, more parents turn to divorce as a solution to their problems, but they may be overlooking the long-term effects the divorce may have on their children. "Each year, over one million children suffer as their parents divorce"(Fagan 1). Many adolescents have a hard time adjusting to a divorce simply because they are less equipped with the skills to deal with their financial, social, educational, or emotional problems. These effects can be short-term but may also last over the course of several years. It is important that divorcing parents u…

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