A Different View

Terrorism is defined as a systematic use of terror as a means of coercion. To enforce political or common values on the Iraqi citizens, could that be considered terrorism? Who is the culprit, the military or the Iraqi citizens who crowd the streets? I will discuss whether or not the U.S.A is committing crimes of terrorism by enforcing their style of government on the Iraqi citizens.In addition, how the Iraqi citizens have grown weary and begun to form fierce mobs that crowd the streets ending with who are the real victim's military or Iraqi citizens
On May 13, 2004, our reconnaissance unit was patrolling the Iraqi border, just about five miles outside of the city.The sky is orange from the rays of the sun and the hot desert sand that's covering my jungle boots.The water is as thick as mud as it goes down my throat; explosion and gunfire are becoming to sound like the latest music.We are now approaching the city where crowds of at least three hundred people are forming picking up massive rocks, guns ,and sticks while chanting fiercely "go home we don't need any help." Sergeant strong and powerful had a look of fear that shadowed his face; the unit was in a state of shock. A kid no older than thirteen years ran up to me laughing and chanting I asked him why. He told me an answer that, in our country no thirteen year old would care he said "Americans try to change us and make us follow their ways, they call us terrorists, but they're coming in our country, running tanks down the street– who are the real terrorists." I was shock standing there holding a M-16 in the middle of their town hall. When I caught, a reflection of myself in their clothing store I wanted to immediately drop the rifle.
Suddenly, a massive rock is thrown down from the rooftop, hitting my captain directly on top of his helmet, causing him to instantly drop to his knees; luckily, he was wearing a helmet prev

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