A Cure for Cancer

Over twenty different types of cancer have been found to exist in the world today. Cancer kills over thousands of people in the United States alone every year. The news constantly contains reports of the many different types of ways a human can get cancer. The main reasons one can get cancer are smoking, dietary factors, exercise, occupation, genetics, pollution, radiation, and even prescription drugs. Out of all the main causes of cancer obesity and smoking are the leading causes. Cancer affects a person when abnormal cells within a tissue of a certain part of the human body continue to divide out of control. Normal cells stop reproducing after about fifty cycles. Since many types of cancer exist, anyone at any age has a risk of being diagnosed.
In an effort for people to speed up the process of finding a cure for cancer, people came up with urban legends and myths to preventing or getting rid of cancer. In the spring of 1999 many people began to believe that antiperspirants could cause cancer.The Canola oil, which is said to by scientists to be one of the healthier food oils, was also once rumored to be toxic and cancer causing. Many more rumors came about, but have all contributed in finding cures for cancer now. Whenever, a rumor about certain types of foods or activities circulates about causing cancer, a team of scientists, and doctors research the rumor in full extent. These scientists and doctors usually find that these rumors are false, but in some case add to the list of ways to prevent cancer. Numerous cancer experts now believe that the only real cure for cancer is taking as many steps possible to prevent it.
One may wonder if cancer is a disease that travels through a family because of genes. The answer is that cancer will be more likely to occur in those who have close family members who have also had cancer. Breast and Ovarian cancer are the cancers that are most likely to be hereditary. A person…

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