A Comparison of State & Nation Party Committee Websites

Political party affiliation is a quick way to find out the basic ideas and philosophy for each candidate, both Republicans and Democrats. Political affiliation can be used to understand the core beliefs of each candidate, and there are significant differences between them. A primary source for finding out about each party is to go to their individual websites. In this memo, I will explain how the Republican and Democratic National Committee websites compare to each other.
The Republican National Committee (RNC) website starts off by showing the candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan nominees for the 2012 election, labeling the candidates as America's Comeback Team. Immediately under the picture of the republican candidates is the opportunity to donate to the republican campaign. Current President Barack Obama is then portrayed below the donating link with the words "The Big Fail" under his picture, in a way to swoon voters the republican direction. Issues of the republican party wants to address are not immediately emphasized, donating links are frequently found around the site, and opponents are addressed in a personal way by referring to their current roles and accomplishments.
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) website starts off by emphasizing the current Democratic President Barack Obama. Unlike the RNC website the DNC site also emphasizes the current issues like gay marriage, healthcare, and cleaner fuels by giving the opinion of the party on thefirst page of the site. The DNC website has several contributing links for the supporters to donate resources throughout the website. The DNC's homepage shows a news article on Mitt Romney's campaign collapsing as a way to compete against the RNC. The DNC site seems to be more oriented to gaining members and the RNC site seems to be more focused on current party members.
The Republican Party sites in Florida, Georgia, and Massachusetts take a drastic…

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