A Comparison of George Bush and John Kerry in Regards to the Economy

Looking at the opinions and attitudes of both George Bush and John
Kerry has special importance in this election year.While John Kerry is
not officially the Democratic nominee for President, he has obtained enough
delegates to get the nomination, and it is very unlikely that the
Democratic Party will choose someone else.While it is not impossible,
there are no other candidates that have the charisma and character that
Democrats see in John Kerry and his beliefs for this country.George Bush
has a strong desire to be re-elected and so much has happened during his
term in office that many people either love him or hate him, but few are
undecided.This makes for what many think will be a very close election in
November and it is important to examine the issues to determine where Bush
and Kerry really stand on the things that matter most to Americans.
For purposes of this paper, the economy will be the focus.It would
have been possible to focus on the economy and two other issues, but the
American economy is such a large issue that dealing with it could take up
many pages.In order to do it justice, the entire paper must be devoted to
the economy, but it will be broken down into three sections: taxes, jobs,
and trade.These three subissues are some of the largest concerns facing
the American people today.Due to this, there are worries all across the
country about whether taxes will be raised in the coming year, when the job
market will pick up, and what kinds of trade agreements we will have with
other countries now that there have been some problems with other nations
Because of all of these concerns, the economy is a valid and viable
issue worthy of discussion and thought.The ideas had by both George Bush
and John Kerry will work to shape the results of the election, and the
winner of that election will work to shape history.The economic issues

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