A Comparative Review of Fredrick Taylor and Frank Gilbreth;s

Frederick Taylor and Frank Gilbreth's similarities far out weigh their differences. They helped to revolutionize management theories. Using three management foundation textbooks I will lay a clear foundation of knowledge on what these two pioneers have given to the management world. Also, in taking a closer look at these two theorists one may gain a new look at how efficiency can be achieved. Reviewing these two theorists is essential in basic study management.
A Comparative Review of Fredrick Taylor and Frank Gilbreth's Management Theories
Scientific method had itsfirst big influence on American economy by the Ford Company. In 1916 Henry Ford was able to dramatically decrease the price of his automobiles by over $590. Using the scientific method this price decrease only took two years to implement.
Although Ford would deny that the implementation of an assembly line to increase output and decrease labor had no influence by a scientific method, it could be directly argued that this is actually an absolute definition of scientific method that were practiced and perfected by Fredrick Taylor and Frank Gilbreth.
In order to completely understand Fredrick Taylor and Frank Gilbreth's management theories one mustfirst recognize how they relate to each other. The contributions of Taylor and Gilbreth have changed society forever. Key attributes provided by each theorist are still in play today.
Frederick Taylor (1856-1917) grew up in such a strict household the ultimately critics linked his desire for perfection to his past. As a child he searched for ways to improve his games.Taylor was not the originator of many of his ideas, but was a pragmatist with the ability to synthesize the work of others and promote them effectively to a ready and eager audience of industrial managers who were striving to find new or improved ways to increase performance.
At the time of Taylor’s work, a typical manager would have v…

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