A Child

Picture it, April 1, 1992, there was a beautiful, young peasant girl with a serious medical condition.Her family is so poor that they cannot afford all of her medical expenses by themselves.Her father is thankful that he has medical insurance through his company to help them through their time of need.Things took a turn for the worse a few months later, since he took so much time away from work to care for his daughter and to take her to her doctor appointments.His daughter's extensive medical expenses resulted in an increase in his company's medical premiums, coupled with all of the time he missed from work, resulted in his employer terminating him.The family was in despair.They have no job, no money, and now, no medical insurance to help.This story, my friend, is what it was like before the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).
Balancing work and family life is a major human resource management issue for many in modern America's workforce and their employers.A particular area of concern is the need to take extended time off from work for the major medical conditions such as pregnancy, recovery fromsurgery, or cancer treatment, just to name a few.A Child's Wish, a true-to-life made for television movie produced by the Lifetime Television Network, directly addresses this particular issue.Unfortunately, many laborers experience medical difficulties in their lifetimes.However, the Federal Government responded, through the Department of Labor, by forming the FMLA and an extensive set of guidelines for employers and employees to determine eligibility for benefits.
There were studies done by Congress to rank the importance of this issue.Congress has found that the number of single-parent households and two-parent households who must work is increasing significantly.They noted the importance for the development of children and the family unit t

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