A Call for Foreign Intervention

The world as we know it is a tumultuous place of anarchy, malevolence, and controversy occasionally inhabited by able intermediaries and keepers of the peace.Within societies, due to what appear as irreconcilable differences, periods of discrepancy arise.These divergences sometimes can result in bloodshed, war, harsh economic recession, or callous purging of the basic rights of man.
Under the milder of these crises, outside involvement is superfluous, for time usually heals the tide conflict, and foreign intervention may sometimes only add fuel to the fire of hate.However, when man is alienated from his basic rights and left unable to break free, it is the obligation of those sovereignties in able position to come to the aid of the torn people using any means necessary, and not to rest until harmony has been restored.Otherwise, the end of a people may be at hand, and the ignorance of the world may be more heinous than the problem itself.
This imperative is evident among the myriad of civil conflicts in the ocean of time, each obstruction but a drop among countless others.Yet certain controversies of scandalously monumental magnitude sometimes stick out among scores of others because of their overwhelming heinousness.Two such atrocities include The Holocaust: result of total ignorance, internal and throughout the national community and the present Yugoslavian conflict in Serbia and minor Kosovo, the harvest of centuries of bickering in an area populated with similar people who are yet so irreconcilably different. These two conflicts show how intervention can be such a necessary element of world peace.
"As we entered the camp, the living skeletons still able to walk crowded around us and, though we wanted to drive farther into the place, the milling, pressing crowd would not let us.It is not an exaggeration to say that every inmate was insane with hunger.Just the sight of an American brought cheers, groans,…

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