The atomic bomb. What does that word mean? there are so many meanings to those two words "Atomic Bomb. "To the Americans it might mean shame or pride. To the Japanese it might symbolize sorrow, pain, and anger. To the other countries of the world it may inspire awe or horror. After reading this report you can form your own opinions of the words "Atomic Bomb."
In 1939 WW2 began.The united states initially opposed the war and refused to get involved. The united states government believed that Hitler would not try to invade the US. The US government and citizens were committed to the belief that WW1 was the war to end all wars.
Though on December 7th 1941 2 years after WW2 began, pearl harbor, a US military base in Hawaii was violently attacked with no warning or reason. The Japanese air force attacked a US military fleet equipped with 19 ships and 2,400 soldiers who were all killed in the attack. Therefore throwing us into the war, fast and furious.
German scientists known for there ingenuity and skill had been discovering new ways to create great destructive power with fusion energy. These scientists did not want to work for Hitler, so many of them came to the US. The scientists shared their ideas with other American physicists and American politicians. On august 2nd these scientists wrote president Roosevelt a letter expressing that in nazi Germany, scientists were working to purify uranium-235 to create an atomic bomb. President Roosevelt became interested in the ideas of scientists and decided that our scientists would be put to work to create the worldsfirst atomic bomb. It was arace for technological dominance through out the world.
The project to create the bomb was named the Manhattan project, after the Manhattan engineer district of the US army corps of engineers. In 1942 army general Leslie groves was chosen to lead the project, though the day to day leader of the project was Robert Oppenhei…

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