A Beautiful Gril

A Beautiful Girl

We are living in a society where everything is being criticizes starting from where people live to how they look physically.In the United States there has been about one hundred thousand girls diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and six thousand girls have died from it within a year.In Marge Piercy's "Barbie Doll," she gives the public of how offensive it can be to a girl when someone criticizes a certain part of her body.Some girls may take meaningless comment said to them in a bad way.May be it could have been a good criticism, but teenage girls are very sensitive at this age.Although the protagonist attempts to confront the external forces (man vs. man and man vs. society), she succeeds to a certain extent but fails to resolve with the internal force of man vs. himself.
First conflict the author present in the poem is man vs. man.Many girls going through puberty can take a few months to get the idea that they are growing to become women.Going through it, but do not pay attention, their body changes are noticed until it is recognized by someone else other than friends or family.In the poem, the girl is faced with a comment made by one of her classmate that she had a big nose and fat legs.Even though she had a normal childhood, playing with dolls, role-playing like a mother, and miniature GE stoves.She did not worry about what was going around her.Children can make up their own world where they do not worry about physical changes.
In the second stanza, she does not only deals with man vs. man, but also with man vs. society.Some do not realize they can be cruel to others by the way they see a person or even talking to a person.The protagonist has to go fro and apologizing to the people she knows for her good qualities, because she was not accepted.Even though she has these qualities, people do not see her for who she is.They just see the fat nose and thick legs.As actre…

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